10 Ways To Save Money On Groceries At This Period

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We should not deny the fact Covid-19 really dealt with so many people’s finances this year. Personally, I realized that I spent more during lockdown compare to the time I was going to work every day.
Usually, grocery takes a large chunk of the family bill and it varies from family to family. What determines how much is being spent on groceries also depends on different factors like the quantity, brands among other things.
Those factors allow each family to map out how to save more provided they intend to be economical in their spending.
Following a few simple tips will have you well on your way to saving a few bucks.

  1. Buy the value and not the name. Most often, we buy some items because the brand name is strong or big and not because they have value. But sometimes, big brands are overpriced and you will see another brand that delivers the same value at a lesser price.
  2. Go Shopping alone. You will agree with me that going shopping with your partner, children or any other family member for that matter might increase the amount you will spend. If a low budget is your goal, go alone.
  3. Make a meal plan. Just before you leave the house, plan your meal for the week or month. You’ll know exactly what you need from the store before you go.
  4. Look out for discounts. Look out for special days and events to key into it.
  5. Buy in bulk. Sometimes, you will get a price cut if you are buying more. This will help you save in the long run.
  6. Buy with a list. Make a list of all you need, not excess, and stick to it. This will prevent you from impulse buying. If it’s not on the list, don’t buy it.
  7. Kill hunger and appetite before shopping. Ensure you eat, take enough water, and make you’re your appetite for food has really reduced. It will help you to avoid being tempted to buy what you don’t need.
  8. Avoid buying useless items. Useless does not mean it has no value, it means you don’t need it for now. You should identify any item on your list that you are sure you don’t need.
  9. Go straight to where discount items are stored. Most times at the bottom of the shelf. They do that because they know that you are most likely not going to look down.
  10. Check for competition. Competition creates a price war. If you have stores where they sell almost the same things, you will notice some items have lower price compare to others.

The list above is not exhaustive, but if you can follow them you will realize how easy it is to stay economical when shopping for groceries.

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