3 Things You Should Negotiate When You Are About To Be Laid Off

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Whenever you are being handed a pink slip, even when you hear words flying around that you are about to be laid-off and you are not certain about the next step. Or probably the company you work for is suddenly having a tough time paying salary. Or let’s say you are about to be dismissed but not because of what you have done, then you need to ask these  three questions: 

1. Always Ask For Reference Letter

Since it is neither your fault nor the company’s fault, then you need to understand that if you don’t ask, it might not be easy getting a new job. Most people forget to ask for this and in the end, the company they apply to might think they are being dismissed for their wrongdoings. Ask them to indicate all your achievements and what you have helped the company to accomplish.

2. Ask for Severance Pay

If this has been included in your contract when you are hired then, you definitely need to ask them about it and especially when you just concluded a successful project ( it can give you a chance of a week severance pay). Typically, one week of severance is given for each year of service to the company, but this can be negotiable. This is usually not stipulated in most deals, but if this is part of your contract then don’t feel too shy to ask.

3. Ask If You Can Still Use The Unused Vacation Pay

 Some companies will still give you the privilege of using then vacation pay but they won’t give you if you don’t ask. Most companies will explain their rules in the employee handbook, but asking to be paid for your unused vacation pay just may earn you a few extra dollars you could use right now.
Most companies will not put these to you, so if you don’t ask for severance or vacation pay. The truth be told, this might be difficult on the company side as your boss will not unnecessarily lay you off, but most times you need to ask for these things most especially asking for a reference number, chances are you won’t have another opportunity to ask for these anymore. And most importantly, if you are able to ask for these things, you would be able to stand up for yourself to ask for your right anytime. GOOD LUCK!

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