3 Worst Mistakes People Make In A Presentation

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Sometimes mistakes happen in presentation and just for the sake of that little mistake, every bit of the labor might sink. Frankly, most of the mistakes business people make is unknowingly but as a result of ignorance. Whenever you are making a presentation don’t try to commit these common mistakes as they can make your work hit the snow.
Please don’t:

  1. Believe In Magic

Show up trusting that an intelligible, articulate, valuable introduction will mystically show up once you begin talking. Maintain a strategic distance from an arrangement. Simply make things up along the way.

What Happens:

There is no other way to say unprepared presentation than unprepared presentation and this act gives a big slap on the face of the audience.
On the day of the presentation, the audience expects a standard, and failing to meet up to that standard will discredit your work. Believing a miracle will happen is the beginning of havoc.


75% Of successful presentation is backed up by powerful preparation. Know where you are trying to achieve with your presentation and design a presentation that will take you there. Before that day, talk to key members of your audience asking their expectations and do a lot of rehearsal.

2. Learn And Memorize Your Speech

It’s only what you have that you can give. Memorize your speech so well until you are sure that you can’t make a mistake even if joker were to be in your audience.

What Happens

When you begin to repeat a word you sound like a broken record. So many times I have seen presenters doing this and trust me immediately the audience put to pen their score. And this is majorly caused by a lack of concrete understanding of your work.


Don’t sound like a machine (garbage in, garbage out). Don’t be confused, it is very important that you learn what you want to say. There a lot of ways of memorizing. You can learn the first and last words and try reciting without looking at the script. You can also represent the words with objects. this is a practical way of learning what to say that won’t fail you because as much as you remember those objects, then you remember the words. But the one I usually recommend is very simple which is to understand your work. read it from the writer’s perspective. Understanding your script will give you much more confidence to “murder” your presentation.

3. Talk About Yourself

Many people use this wrongly. It is not a crime to talk about yourself, your background, your credentials, and your history. Some just talk so much and lose the focus of the day.

What Happens

It goes bi-directionally, Sometimes you can your audience entertained by your story and still hit the nail on the head. And on the other side, the audience might get sick of hearing your story and will be forced to think of what use is the story.


Say what the audience needs to hear at the right time. Tell them how they can achieve it, and if that involves telling stories, then bring it on!

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