30 years ago today, the MN Twins turned two triple plays in the same game. It’s the only time it’s ever happened in 200,000 MLB games. Kent Hrbek reflects on the feat.

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The odds of a triple play occurring in a game are 1/325, so for two to occur in a game the odds would be 1/(325^2) or 1/105625. Except you have to account for the fact that the first triple play would reduce the chances for the next one to occur (one fewer inning remaining). So if we calculate it on a per inning basis a triple play occurs once every 2925 innings. So with 8 remaining innings (chances), the odds of a triple play game becoming a double triple play game are 1/365.625. Combining these odds gives the chance of any given game being a double triple play game as 1/118828.

So there’s a good chance we’ll see another one of these in my lifetime, assuming baseball ever starts up again.

EDIT: hmm, just realized that this number would be for either team turning a triple play (has it ever happened that both teams got a triple play in 1 game?). For a single team, the opportunities for a second triple play would be halved compared to the normal per-inning rate, so the correct odds would be 1/237656. So maybe not again in my lifetime after all.

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