5 Simple Tips For Dealing With Nasty Customers

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The customer is always right! Am almost sure that you are familiar with that statement. If you have been in business for some time, you will realize some customers can be so nasty and irritating. There are those who are ready to sue you for just five dollars. Some are ready to send you out of business just because they believe you have breached your privacy policy. Also, there are those who are ready to take you on a clearly stated term and condition they did not read when they are signing up for your service.
The most interesting part for me is the one that will call you on the phone, curse you over nothing.
While all customers will not be naughty and make things hard for you, you have to accept that’s how things work in business and be prepared for those little ones that will give you the most problem you will face in the customer’s unit.
Here are some simple tips for handling your nasty customer without going eye for an eye with them.

  1. Don’t take it personal

The first skill you must learn to master while handling customers is that you must never get angry no matter what they say. If you look at it critically for a phone conversation, they can’t do more than talking, so why would you get angry over what he or she feels is right or wrong when your own job is to solve that problem.
Most customers don’t understand the difference between brand policy and the person attending to them. They will take you up personally, calling you names. You must not get so angry to fire back at them. You must learn how to kill their anger by diffusing the situation.
I have experienced a situation where a customer later realized he was wrong in his approach and came back to apologize just because I didn’t take it personal with him.

  1. Customer is always right, yes but don’t overdo it

If customers are always right, then why did you set up the business and not the customer? The truth is that customers are the ones that depart with their money which is why you are in business and because you want to keep collecting the money, you would want to rub their heads so they feel right. Sometimes, they can be so wrong and mean to your business. While you should accommodate them, you should apply sense and do it with reason. Know the limit that won’t affect your business.

  1. Realize you are not always at fault

It’s not all customers that are in the right frame of mind when they are dealing with you. Some had a bad day and are looking for someone to pick one. When they come with their anger, shouting and raking, chose the opposite, respond with calm them down, and let them know you understand their situation and you are ready to make sure they have the best experience with you. What you would realize is that some will become your best friend before they leave because they may realize they have been paying Peter with the sin of Paul.

  1. Don’t be threatened by utterances

When a customer starts threatening you, there is every tendency for you to want to give in to their ridiculous demands just to avoid the possibility of harming your business. Think of it this way, is it possible for someone to want to spend $1000 or more o the court process for a $50 transaction? Maybe yes, but in most cases, no. It does not make sense. However, you should everything reasonable to resolve things with them and make sure you don’t give in to threats.

  1. Decide whether a customer relationship is worth recovering or not

It is true that word of mouth is one of the best marketing methods. But it can either make or mar your business depending on the value customers get out of your service. It is highly recommended to mend and recover your relationship with customers and yet be reasonable with it. Some decisions based on what customers want can seriously injure your business policy.

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