7 Shows Like Netflix’s Dark That You Should Watch.

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“The final season of the German series Dark has come and gone and left in its wake a deep void. The brilliant sci-fi series, which ran for three seasons on Netflix, told the story of four interconnected families caught up in a mind-boggling time-travel mystery involving the apocalypse.”

“The final eight episodes further complicated the already complex drama by introducing two more worlds, revealing different versions of the show’s characters after an alternate version of Martha (Lisa Vicari) saved Jonas (Louis Hofmann) from the apocalypse at the end of Season 2,” Tvguide reports.

“If you’ve finished the show and are looking for more great sci-fi series with engrossing questions about human existence and good and evil, especially ones featuring time travel and/or the multiverse, this is the perfect list for you. Everything below features intricate plotting and/or mind-bending storytelling that will make your head hurt in a good way. If you like Dark, these are the shows you should watch next.”

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