A Giant ‘Wall’ of Galaxies Stretching Across The Universe

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“The Universe isn’t just a random scattering of galaxies sprinkled throughout an expanding void. The closer we look, the more we see that there are structures – some of which are incomprehensibly vast groupings and clusters of galaxies that are gravitationally bound together.”
“Such a structure has just been discovered arcing across the southern edge of the sky, and it’s a colossus, spanning an immense 1.37 billion light-years from end to end. Its discoverers have named it the South Pole Wall.”
“Other, larger such walls are known. But the South Pole Wall is special, because it’s insanely close to the Milky Way galaxy, lying just 500 million light-years away. In other words, it is the most massive structure we’ve ever seen this close,” ScienceAlert reports.

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