Aligning Your Advisory Firm With Your Own (Progressive) Values with Georgia Lee Hussey

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Georgia Lee Hussey is the Founder and CEO of Modernist Financial, a boutique RIA based out of Portland that offers deep financial planning for affluent households with a $17,500 minimum fee to get started. Georgia is passionate about aligning her own personal values with the values of her advisory firm and her clients, and creating a positive impact for her community and the financial services industry at large.

Listen in as Georgia shares how she pivoted from artist to financial planner, and how her experience as an artist and running events in the artistic community served her well as a new planner generating new business. We also discuss why conscious capitalism and profit are not mutually exclusive, how Georgia helps clients get clear on their goals and then align their financial decisions around those goals, and how she uses political discussions in client meetings to help clients understand how their financial decisions affect the world around them.

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