Amazon, Flipkart may replenish M&A war chest to fight JioMart

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“JioMart’s entry into multiple categories across the technology spectrum is expected to trigger more consolidation talk in the Indian startup ecosystem, according to investors and founders.”
“As the market consolidates, we will see increased M&A and buyout activity by the three players — Flipkart, Amazon, and Jio — to strengthen their capabilities in certain niches, or to catch up with the competition,” said Ashish Sharma, managing director at InnoVen Capital. “We may also see more strategic partnerships like what we saw with Facebook and Jio.”
“Several venture capitalists as well as founders echoed a similar sentiment. “Now, it’s time to consolidate and take a position… Reliance’s announcements just speed up the process,” said a top venture capitalist.”
ET reported earlier that a “significant uptick in mergers and acquisitions is anticipated in India’s startup ecosystem over the next three to six months, as companies and their investors gear up for a year starved of both capital and revenue due to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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