American investors who want to ‘do something’ about injustices are basically out of luck

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“America is burning, convulsed by anger over a militarized police presence and by a sense of impotence in the face of an economic system that lets the rich get richer at the expense of everyone else.”

“There’s an uncomfortable contradiction within the American economy: it’s the home of both hyper-capitalism and an intrinsic do-gooder impulse that make its citizens famously more charitable than those in many other countries.”

“Yet for any American who sees images of social injustice, rampant inequality or dysfunctional civil institutions, and wants to “do something,” there are few options for actually putting one’s money where one’s values are. The world’s biggest economy is fractured and hard to rein in and its corporations are too powerful for most individuals to sanction. And all too often, making a change on the local level means dealing with the legacy of years of policies designed to benefit the wealthy.” MarketWatch reports.

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