Apple flexes their processor prowess with new A14 Bionic

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Apple flexes their processor prowess with new A14 Bionic

Apple A14 is made with an amazing 5nm production process.
The Apple A14 processor is at the heart of the new iPad Air, and likely the iPhone 12 too.
Screenshot: Apple

During Apple’s “Time Flies” event, Tim Cook announced the brand new, totally redesigned 4th generation iPad Air. Packed inside the device is Apple’s latest iteration of their custom silicon, the all-new A14 Bionic processor.

A14 is the next generation of Apple Silicon

The new A-series chip features an industry first 5 nanometer process, allowing for a nearly 40% increase in chip transistors. The advantage of this, according to Apple VP of Platform Architecture Tim Millet, is increased performance, without sacrificing power efficiency.

A14 Features and specs
Apple’s A14 Bionic processor will pave the way for Apple technology in the future.
Screenshot: Apple

On top of that, the new A14 Bionic offers a six-core design for 40% better CPU performance, four GPU cores for up to 30% better graphic performance, and a 16-core Neural Engine. This allows the A14 Bionic to offer console-class graphics, edit multiple streams of 4K video, and perform up to 11 trillion operations per second for image recognition, natural language learning, or analyzing motion.

While Apple didn’t specifically call out their augmented reality efforts during the presentation, the improvements to the Neural Engine also point toward future capabilities in AR. The improvements in image recognition and motion analysis, paired with increased power efficiency could be key to Apple’s future efforts in smart glasses, as well as in expanding on-device processing in next generation iPhones.

The 4th generation iPad Air is expected to launch in October, with a starting price of $ 599 .

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