Artist Hebru Brantley Collaborates With Bombay Sapphire Gin To Support Black Lives Matter

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“Since the start of the protests sparked by the viral video of a police officer suffocating George Floyd, corporations and public figures have been more public with their support for the Black Lives Matter movement and have been pressured by consumers to work toward social change and combatting racial injustice. One visual artist decided to use his art to help the cause with a collaboration for a limited edition gin to support the Black Lives Matter movement.”
“The inspiration arrived from when I was a part of the Artisan series years ago,” explains Brantley. “The piece [that won] for Chicago was one of my profile heads with this loose abstraction surrounding it. For me, it was [a] full-circle moment [in] thinking about what I wanted for the design to be [about]. I thought it would be cool for me to go back to how it all started for me with Bombay. With this particular design, I appreciate it because it expresses for me a lot more than one single thought but multiple ideas and to encapsulate a few different feelings and emotions.” Black Enterprise reports

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