Best Cyber Monday metal detector deals

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With these Cyber Monday metal detector deals, hobbyists and professionals alike can find metal objects, and even archaeological treasure, buried underground. Most commonly, they are handled devices with a sensor that indicates when the user is close to something metallic. The sensor consists of a needle that moves higher or lower depending on how close the detector is to a metallic object and a tone that gets louder depending on location. 

“Treasure hunting” is a popular hobby across the United States and the rest of the globe. Many lost historical artifacts have been found worth millions of dollars, making it a hobby with an earning potential. Whether you’re just getting into the hobby or you’re a seasoned treasure hunter or archaeologist, finding a suitable metal detector can prove to be a challenge. Don’t panic, though. The Live Science team has put together a list of the best Cyber Monday metal detector deals from brands like Ricomax and National Geographic, including deals that fit every budget, skill level and age.


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