Best Games of the Week September 11

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Take a look at the best new games that arrived on the App Store this week. Our choices include an adorable puzzler, the latest in the Pako series, and more.

A Monster's Expedition
A Monster's Expedition

A Monster’s Expedition

Draknek Limited

Learn About Humans

The fun game features monsters who love to learn about humans. While playing, you’ll need to push trees over to create pathways and explore the “history of humanity.” There are hundreds of different islands to explore.

World's End Club

World’s End Club

Izanagigames, Inc.

An Unforgettable Journey

In the action-adventure game, the game features a dozen 12-year-olds who go on a 1,200-kilometer journey. Combining a 2D scrolling puzzler and story-adventure game, the game will highlight famous locations throughout Japan.



Pascal Monaco

Move the Cube to the Goal

A tactical puzzler, DADI has a simple goal: help the cube reach the goal. While starting simply, the puzzles and challenges get more complicated as the game progresses.

OLO Loco

OLO Loco

Rogue Games

Shuffleboard Gone Crazy

OLO Loco takes shuffleboard and turns it on its head. The sequel to the original game features new gameplay modes and more. Along with local multiplayer, there is also turn-based PvP online play.

PAKO Caravan

PAKO Caravan

Tree Men Games

Don’t Crash

The newest game in the Pako series, Pako Caravan, heads in a fun direction. Instead of outrunning the cops, you’ll be building a caravan of more and more vehicles. Then you’ll try not to crash into yourself or other obstacles along the way.

Deck 'Em!

Deck ‘Em!

Frosty Pop

Battle a Champion in This Card Game

In the card game, you’ll try to last 12 rounds with the undisputed champion of the world. But don’t expect it to be easy.


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