Biden says, ‘Democracy was tested this year, People showed they are up to the task’

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“US President-elect Joe Biden has said democracy was tested this year when coronavirus hit and the people of the country showed that they were up to the task by voting in record numbers in the presidential elections amid the pandemic. He also said the country is at war with the coronavirus and called for a redoubling of efforts to combat it.”

“Let us be thankful for democracy itself. In this election year, we have seen record numbers of Americans exercise their most sacred right — that of the vote — to register their will at the ballot box. Think about that. In the middle of a pandemic, more people voted this year than have ever voted in the history of America,” Biden said in his Thanksgiving address from Wilmington in Delaware on Wednesday,” Timesofindia reports.

“Over 150 million people cast a ballot. That is simply extraordinary, he said. If you want to know what beats deep in the heart of America, it’s this: democracy. The right to determine our lives, our government, our leaders. The right to be heard. Our democracy was tested this year. And what we learned is this: The people of this nation are up to the task,” Biden said.”

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