Bill Kelly: Get with the program — wear a face mask

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The face-mask-or-no-face-mask debate continues as Toronto, Burlington and Brantford have all passed mandatory face mask policies.

Hamilton, which likes to study everything to death before it makes a decision, is likely to pass a similar bylaw on Friday.

Let’s cut to the bottom line: face masks are necessary.

And no, I’m not being paranoid, I’m being cautious.

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Maybe you’ll be exposed to the virus and you won’t die, but you could pass it on to someone who is more vulnerable.

Plus, there’s growing evidence that the virus continues to live in your body and could cause lifelong damage to your internal organs.

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Look, exposure to asbestos doesn’t usually kill you instantly, but the damage it does to your lungs often has a fatal long-term effect.

Poll: Most Canadians support mandatory masks, vaccines
Poll: Most Canadians support mandatory masks, vaccines

And please don’t drag out that inane Trumpism that six months ago, doctors told us not to wear masks.

Years ago, doctors thought smoking was OK, but we got smarter and the medical advice changed.

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We used to pollute the air that we breathe with toxic industrial waste, but we got smarter.

We’ve only known about COVID-19 for less than a year, and the experts are learning more about the virus every day. And every day, those researchers are getting smarter and offering new advice on how to battle the virus.

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I just hope that we’re willing to get smarter and follow that advice.

Bill Kelly is the host of the Bill Kelly Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.

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