Blood Tribe Reserve holds day of prayer over COVID-19, opioid crisis hardships

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“The convoy stopped in each community to allow an elder to pray and perform a smudge for community members experiencing loss and grief due to COVID-19 and the opioid crisis.” Global News reports
“We’ve had 36 [COVID-19 cases] in total. I believe 29… [have recovered] and seven that are quarantined… but we have control on it,” said Roger Prairie Chicken, the manager of the Kainai Wellness Centre
Prairie Chicken said the Blood Reserve is managing the situation closely to ensure numbers continue to decline.
“Unfortunately, the reserve has experienced a death in relation to the novel coronavirus. On June 8., the community lost 76-year-old Adrian Buck Many Fingers, an elder who had survived one of Canada’s residential schools.”
The centre wants residents to know there are resources that are accessible to them.
“We do a lot of phone line counselling, scoop counselling… Skype counselling — we’re available,” said Prairie Chicken.

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