Blue Origins bidding war for a trip to space nears $5 million now that Jeff Bezos will be on board

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Those bidding on a chance to go into space this summer were already set to burn through some serious cash.

And then Amazon AMZN CEO Jeff Bezos announced that hell be on the same flight.

Blue Origin, Bezoss space venture, recently launched an online auction for a shot at scoring the first seat on its first suborbital sightseeing flight aboard the New Shepard spacecraft. And after Bezos announced on Monday that he and his brother will be among the six-passenger crew, the highest bid passed $3 million, according to the auction ticker on, and it was approaching $5 million by Friday afternoon.

The launch scheduled for July 20, which also marks the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, will carry six passengers above the Krmn Line, aka the internationally recognized boundary of space more than 62 miles above the Earth.

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The initial announcement coincided with the 60th anniversary of astronaut Alan Shepard making history as the first American to go into space on May 5 which came three weeks after the Soviet Union sent Yuri Gagarin into the cosmos in 1961. Since then, only 579 people have voyaged into space or reached its edges, according to NASA.

But now the space tourism race is seriously heating up.

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CEO Elon Musks SpaceX plans to launch its first all-civilian flight into Earths orbit this fall, and Richard Bransons Virgin Galactic
plans to launch its tourist flights next year. Now Blue Origin is giving anyone with deep pockets a shot at becoming one of the first 600 astronauts in history, it claims in a video promoting the auction, by offering a place among the New Shepards first astronaut crew to the highest bidder. The money raised will benefit its Club for the Future foundation, whose mission is to inspire future generations to pursue STEM careers so that they can do something extraordinary up there in outer space some day.

The online auction is being conducted in three parts. Aspiring astronauts competed in a sealed online pre-bidding war from May 5-19, and their bids werent visible to the public. The company said that it received more than 5,200 bidders from 136 countries in the first round. Then bids became visible on May 20, and now participants must top the highest one to win. And this will all culminate on June 12 with a live online auction to determine the winner.

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So how high are these bids expected to fly? Well, Blue Origin noted on its frequently-asked-questions page that anyone wishing to bid more than $50,000 would need to undergo a verification process and put down a refundable $10,000 deposit, if that gives you any idea. And a 2018 Reuters report noted that Blue Origin was planning to charge passengers at least $200,000 each, once its civilian trips to space took flight. So its safe to say that while this seat on the New Shepard is open for anyone to bid upon, actually landing the coveted spot is a moonshot for those with six or seven figures to spend.

Following Bezoss announcement that hell be part of this inaugural crew, the highest bid hit $3.2 million on Monday afternoon.

Indeed, Virgin Galactic has said it will charge $250,000 for its reservations, the Associated Press reported, although it has not announced final pricing.

You think thats astronomical? The U.S., Canadian and Israeli entrepreneurs scheduled to fly in a 1-week SpaceX mission early next year are reportedly paying $55 million apiece for the privilege.

This story has been updated now that Jeff Bezos has revealed he will be on board the flight.


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