Britain has the highest coronavirus death toll in Europe, but there is still reluctance to wear masks

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“Masks will be compulsory in shops and supermarkets in Britain starting July 24, the government announced Tuesday.” –Washington Post
On Sunday, a top cabinet minister in charge of pandemic response said wearing masks was “good manners” but completely optional. On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said face coverings were just a bit of “extra insurance.” On Tuesday, the British government announced that masks would be mandatory in all shops — and shirkers could be fined $ 125.
“That sort of no-maybe-yes messaging has been typical of the Johnson government’s pandemic response. Johnson and his ministers say they follow their science advisers and take each step as necessary. But critics say the waffling may have been especially unhelpful in the case of face coverings — which have been supported by numerous studies on controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus.”

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