Commentary: We Have to Do Something to Level the Playing Field

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WebMD Health– “Being told the operating room has already been cleaned. Being questioned by patients about where you went to medical school. Being asked for ID every time you enter your own hospital. Being told you don’t look like a doctor. In a series of conversations with Medscape, Black physicians talk about racism they’ve faced in their training and their clinical work, the change they’d like to see, and how they’re coping during this period of both pandemic and racial upheaval.”
“When I went to away to school, what I thought was, “I’m leaving Mississippi. I know there’s racism here. But in Pennsylvania, that’s the north and it’ll be fine.” But you see the same racism ― maybe not the same degree, but you see it. I still remember vividly an evening when I was in a summer research program and was walking with my roommate, who was also African American. People in a pickup truck passed us, shouted a racial epithet, and said, “Open up your eyes so we can see you.” My roommate was ready to chase them, but I said, “No. We’re walking and we have nothing, and they’re in a truck and we don’t know what they have. We have more to lose than to gain, so let it go.” You have to control your anger.”
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