Couple Test Positive To Coronavirus after violating lockdown restrictions..

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Metro reports: “The unnamed couple, from San Francisco, continued with their wedding earlier this month, despite the ban on indoor events in California. They as well held a rehearsal dinner with 40 friends and family the night before the big day, MailOnline reports.”

“According to local media a few of the wedding guests had also tested positive after potentially exposed guests flew back to Nashville, San Diego, and Arizona – areas which have since emerged as hotspots.”

“A city official initially stopped the proceedings – forcing the couple to move outside to a basketball court while the 100 guests watched the ceremony over Zoom.”

“John Swartzberg, UC Berkeley infectious disease expert, said: ‘This is the perfect example of why public health officials have been trying to convince people of the problems with getting together in crowds. ‘And I would be shocked if we didn’t see this consequence. This should be the poster child in why people should take responsibility.’ Guests were allegedly told to enter via the back door of St Peter and Paul’s Church, with instructions laying out how to use a parking lot and not the main entrance.”

“Pastor Gael Sullivan also said he had told them they had to comply with the minimum number for the service and when they showed up with more people, they agreed with sending them away.’ Guests were reported to have shown symptoms within five days of the wedding, but as of Monday none had been hospitalized.”





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