David Adefeso Reveals Pics From His Hiking Session

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David Adefeso is having the time of his life. He is enjoying all kinds of adventures and some well-deserved vacay.

‘Heading out for a 10 mile hike up that mountain. Wish me luck #hiking #hikingadventures #adventuretime,’ David said.

Someone said: ‘Enjoy. It’s a little brisk outside where I am,’ and a commente rposted this: ‘Wow amazing profile, I am from the team of thesnazzers, I think you are a very keen traveler and nature-wildlife lover. We are looking for people like you who can represent our brand. If you are willing to know a little bit of details, please direct message us at @thetravelight or Mention in our bio.’

A followr posted this: ‘Hey Handsome, Can A Lady Take A Ride With You, Your Star Cleaner Sondra Shepherd,’ and a commenter said: ‘Yes,, yes,, Life is beautiful,, it has it’s ups and downs,, keep praying enjoy the Ups!!!’

One fan said: ‘David… yuh see dat smile… weh yuh up to?’ and a fan posted: ‘When are you going to settle down and have kids lol.’

He also shared the following pic with this message in the caption: ‘Snorkeling, anyone?
Gotta get your wetsuit on though ~ it’s pretty cold in there this time of year #snorkeling #sealife #scubadiving #vacation.’

David Adefeso   is revealing millionaire’s regrets./ Check out his emotional message below.

’67-year-old millionaire regrets not teaching his kids these 6 top money lessons when they were young: SIX Things Millionaires Regret Not Teaching Their Kids Earlier.Parents, what are your financial regrets? CNBC says that wealthy parents wish they taught these to their kids EARLIER,’ he began his post.

He continued and said: ”Before buying something they want, to stop and think—do I really need this? Understand that material wealth ≠ real wealth. Grow wealth by compound interest. Learn methods of passive income. Accept that luck is made through hard work. And most importantly. Know that today’s debt equals tomorrow’s misery. In other words, a plethora of mindsets that would’ve helped kids become more financially resilient as they grew up.’

Fans are flooding David’s comments with tons of love.


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