David Adefeso Talks About The Key To Solving An Important Issue

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David Adefeso shared a message in which he addresses the key to solving an important problem. Check out his post here.

‘Driven by the generational cycles of poverty we are all too familiar with, violence and homicides are skyrocketing in our communities. While we may not have caused the problem in the first place, it is incumbent on us to take the initiative and help our communities break these cycles that are holding us back generation after generation, with no end in sight,’ David captioned his post.

Not too long ago, he also shared the definition of happiness: ‘My definition of happiness: riding in the mountains with nothing but wild cows and the cool ocean breeze.#explore #explorepage #viral #horse #horsebackriding.’

Somoene said: ‘David where you are the scenery is beautiful. Clear skies beautiful deep blue water. God has made so many beautiful places that I want to see and go to. Peace of mind being in nature enjoying life stress free. You encourage me David thank you.’

Also, David Adefeso  is revealing millionaire’s regrets./ Check out his emotional message below.

’67-year-old millionaire regrets not teaching his kids these 6 top money lessons when they were young: SIX Things Millionaires Regret Not Teaching Their Kids Earlier.Parents, what are your financial regrets? CNBC says that wealthy parents wish they taught these to their kids EARLIER,’ he began his post.

He continued and said: ”Before buying something they want, to stop and think—do I really need this? Understand that material wealth ≠ real wealth. Grow wealth by compound interest. Learn methods of passive income. Accept that luck is made through hard work. And most importantly. Know that today’s debt equals tomorrow’s misery. In other words, a plethora of mindsets that would’ve helped kids become more financially resilient as they grew up.’

Fans are flooding David’s comments with tons of love. He is trying to live his best life these days.

He is enjoying all kinds of adventures and some well-deserved vacay.

‘Heading out for a 10 mile hike up that mountain. Wish me luck #hiking #hikingadventures #adventuretime,’ David said.


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