Dispatches from a Pandemic: ‘You feel like you’re being social — and responsible’: These Americans turned their garages into bars

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“Michael and Lauren Lerman consider themselves outgoing. That’s why they’ve been hanging out a lot in their garage lately. As the coronavirus outbreak turns life upside down, the South Orange, N.J. couple has turned their two-car garage into a bar.”

“There’s hand sanitizer by the vodka and an oscillating fan to keep air blowing out the open bay doors. Guests can have individually-wrapped snacks and drink from paper cups.

The Lermans’ bar has hand sanitizer by the vodka and a fan to keep the air moving out the door.

“You feel like you’re being social,” said Lauren. “And responsible,” Michael added.
“In Seattle, Wash., Matt Rarity is transforming his greenhouse into a speakeasy he can use with the families he’s been quarantining with since March.” – MarketWatch

Matt Rarity in his Seattle speakeasy, which was once his greenhouse.

Courtesy Matt Rarity

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