Doctors are worried that hospital COVID-19 data no longer goes to the apolitical CDC.

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USAToday reports: ”The Trump administration issued a new rule this month that requires hospitals to shift reporting their daily data on COVID-19 hospitalizations directly to the Trump administration, instead of reporting it to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

“As physicians and licensed health care providers who have taken an oath to do no harm, we oppose this rule. During a pandemic, a robust public health response is critical to our ability to provide the best possible care to our patients. The CDC’s decades of experience, established infrastructure and apolitical nature position it to lead our COVID-19 response. When people continue to die from COVID-19, attempting to exclude the CDC from effective decision-making is not only misguided, it may cause more deaths that were otherwise preventable.”

“As a non-political agency, the CDC was established to work on malaria eradication in the 1940s and it has since then played a key role in promoting the health of Americans. Over the past several decades, the CDC helped contain the Legionella outbreak in the 1970s, aided in the discovery that hepatitis B could be sexually transmitted, identified the emergence of drug resistance in tuberculosis, and reported the first-ever known cases of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).”

“If the CDC had not had the necessary data, these diseases may have claimed more lives. Our ability to contain outbreaks and control contagious diseases was the result of physicians, scientists, and epidemiologists closely monitoring infections as they arose, as well as analyzing and sharing data in real-time to find important patterns in transmission and community spread. Migrating the responsibility of any data collection to HHS presents a serious conflict of interest.”

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