Dr. Scott Atlas: New Coronavirus Flairs Down To Protests And Closeness To Mexican Border

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“Dr Scott Atlas argued that the new flair ups in coronavirus are down to the recent protests along with proximity to the Mexican border.”

The Political Insider– “Dr. Scott Atlas, from Stanford University’s Hoover Institute, spoke on Fox News on Saturday about the recent coronavirus flair ups. Atlas pointed out the “exploding cases” of the virus are seen in the border counties.”

“When you look in the southern counties of California, Arizona and the bordering counties of Texas – with the Mexico border – these are where most of these cases are really exploding,” Atlas said. “And then you look at the Mexico map and in Mexico, that’s where their cases are. Their cases are in the northern border zone states. And it turns out the timeline here correlates much more to the Mexico timeline of increasing cases than anything else,” he continued.


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