Exclusive — Mike Pence: 2020 Election a Choice Between ‘Leadership’ in Donald Trump and ‘the Left’ in Joe Biden

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PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — Vice President Mike Pence told Breitbart News exclusively on Thursday that the “stakes have never been higher” than the 2020 presidential election in a choice between “leadership” from President Donald Trump and the radical “left” from former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I think the stakes have never been higher, and the choice has never been clearer,” Pence said in the exclusive interview on Thursday on his and Trump’s campaign bus. “In President Donald Trump, you have a leader who’s delivered on every promise that he made to the people of America—to rebuild our military, to revive our economy, to appoint conservatives to our courts at every level—and has seen our nation through one of the greatest health challenges in the past 100 years. In Joe Biden, you have a candidate that’s being driven by the radical left calling for more taxes, more regulation, and advocating the kind of policies that will literally trample on the Second Amendment rights and values. The Supreme Court decision yesterday on the Little Sisters of the Poor finally set right what was wrong in the Obama-Biden administration that sought to trample on religious freedom. This president took executive action to stand for religious liberty and the Supreme Court, and both decisions affirmed our commitment to our highest ideal.” Breitbart News reports.
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