Exos Heroes Hits 5 Million Downloads on Mobile, Summer Festa Event Kicks Off

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feedproxy reports “In addition, LINE Games has revealed new details on Summer Festa, the in-game event that will run throughout summer 2020, ending on September 2. More on that later.”
“Exos Heroes, in case you haven’t picked it up yet, is a graphically stunning mobile MMORPG in which you explore a huge fantasy universe while progressing through an epic story campaign involving swords, dragons, and all that good stuff.”
“Your main goal is to search for Exestruk, the emperor’s stolen sword, but on the way you’ll get into all manner of scrapes and meet a varied cast of characters.”
“You’ll also ride on an airship, after recruiting a talented but reluctant airship captain with a tragic backstory to fly an ancient, legendary airship salvaged from a cave, after seeing off a local warlord and his troublesome officials.”

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