Explore Space with These Apple TV Apps

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Experience Beyond the Horizon

Star Walk Kids: Astronomy Game

Teach your kids about the sun, moon, and planets in a unique way.

Star Walk Kids: Astronomy Game

Watch, listen, and learn

For those who want to encourage their child’s interest in space and the solar system.

If your kids are curious about the sun, moon, planets, and everything to do with the solar system, then encourage that interest with Star Walk Kids – Explore Space for Apple TV. With details about the constellations, brightest stars, the International Space Station, and the Hubble Space Telescope, you can put the universe right in your living room for your child to explore.

Why we love it

Star Walk Kids – Explore Space on Apple TV provides a wonderful way for your kids to learn about the wonders of the universe. Based on the Star Walk app for adults, this is one the whole family can enjoy together.

For those who…

  • You want to help your child learn about the universe
  • Your child is interested in space and the solar system

Not for those who…

  • Your child has no interest in space or the solar system
  • You prefer your current Apple TV app that teaches about the universe

See weather in an entirely new way


Take a spin around the world

For those who want a refreshing new take on weather.

MeteoEarth is a unique take on the weather app. Instead of just giving users the basic forecast, you get a full 3-D map of the Earth. With it, you can explore Earth by zooming in and out and seeing all of the unique and interesting weather patterns that are happening all over the globe. You can get a 24-hour forecast and even display multiple layers at once for an out-of-this-world experience. MeteoEarth gives you a brand new perspective that is certainly interesting to watch on the big screen of your television.

Why we love it

MeteoEarth gives a unique perspective that you won’t find in other weather apps. Plus you can explore and check out the 24-hour forecast as how it appears in space, and even show multiple layers of weather at once for something cool looking.

For those who…

  • You want something fresh and new for weather apps
  • You like to explore the weather around the world

Not for those who…

  • You just need a basic forecast
  • You don’t care about checking out how the weather is globally from space

Explore Our Solar System

Solar Walk 2 - Planet Explorer

Experience the secrets of our universe from your TV screen.

Solar Walk 2 – Planet Explorer

Real Time Space

For those folks who want to see the universe from various angles and with a built-in soundtrack.

Doesn’t everything about life deserve its own soundtrack? With Solar Walk 2, you can experience the world around us in stunning detail with an impressive soundtrack as well. You will see the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope fly over the Earth in real time. Their models have been meticulously reconstructed from photographs and blueprints and you can study every detail in close-up.

Why we love it

One of the top-selling apps on the App Store, Solar Walk 2 continues to impress with each new update.

For those who…

  • You love space and exploration.
  • Are into discovery.
  • Want to know what’s beyond the clouds.

Not for those who…

  • You want to keep your feet firmly planted on Earth.
  • Don’t have time to experience the world.
  • Rather watch a film.
Solar Observatory

Learn more about the sun.

Solar Observatory

Dash to the dashboard

For anyone who is interested in learning and exploring the sun.

Solar weather is extremely important for life on earth. There are three major parts of the app – Dashboard, Space Weather forecast, and the Observatory.

Why we love it

It’s fascinating to see all of the information we collect about our nearest star. This app is a great way to explore from the comfort of your own living room.

For those who…

  • Are interested in space weather and the sun.

Not for those who…

  • Looking for more information about other objects in space besides the sun.

What better way is there to experience space scenes and streaming NASA TV than on a large screen?


Browse the options

For those who appreciate views of the Earth from space as well as streaming NASA TV.

If you enjoy the NASA app on your iPhone or iPad, then imagine what it would be like to view those streaming videos and amazing images from space on the big screen. Take a look at NASA for Apple TV and experience something spectacular.

Why we love it

With the NASA app on your Apple TV not only can you witness the spectacular views and images from space, but you can stay up to date with missions and check out streaming content easily.

For those who…

  • You enjoy the NASA app on iOS
  • You appreciate breath-taking views from space

Not for those who…

  • You dislike the NASA app or have no interest in it
  • You do not care to look at views from space

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