Facilitating An Internal Succession Plan As The Pathway To Put Clients First with Patricia Houlihan

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Patricia Houlihan is the Founder of Houlihan Financial Resource Group, an independent RIA based out of Washington, DC, that oversees $345 million in AUM for 150 households. She joins the show today to share how she has successfully implemented an internal succession plan with her son and a second advisor that ensures continuity of services for clients over maximizing the value of the sale, as well as why having her name as part of the firm’s name is not a hindrance in her plan.

Listen in as she opens up about how she has built her succession plan to put clients first, including how she has ensured relationships between all of the firm’s advisors and their clients so there is trust with more than just Patricia herself. You’ll learn what it was like being a female financial advisor in the 1980s—when the industry was very much a “boy’s club”—and what Patricia sees as the key to success for any financial advisor.

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