Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Heckled By United We Dream Director Thomas Kennedy Over Coronavirus Deaths During Press Conference — Watch Video

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Celebrity Insider reports “No one championed the move to reopen Florida more than its governor Ron DeSantis. For weeks, DeSantis spoke about the Coronavirus pandemic and painted a picture that simply wasn’t accurate. He touted low death rates, said that young people were getting sick and that they didn’t deal with serious consequences and hasn’t issued a statewide mask ordinance. Governor Ron Desantis is pushing to open all Floridian schools against the growing protests. Meanwhile, Miami is believed to have as many Coronavirus cases as Wuhan, China that was the original epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, the United We Dream director Thomas Kennedy is going viral after interrupting Governor DeSantis and Mayor Gimenez during a Miami-Dade press conference. Thomas accused the governor of covering up the death toll and failing to lead the state to health.”
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