Fox News’ Janice Dean Slams Andrew Cuomo For ‘Tone Deaf’ Victory Lap After His Policies Helped Kill Thousands In Nursing Homes

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“Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean blasted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for his “tone deaf” victory lap regarding his state’s coronavirus response,” The Political Insider reports
Dean, whose husband’s parents were both victims of COVID-19, and in whom nursing homes played a part, spoke about the Governor’s recent celebrations in an appearance on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’
“My husband lost both of his parents. His mom, Dee, in an assisted living facility and his dad in a nursing home,” she divulged. “They died of coronavirus alone. We never had a funeral. We never had awake. We weren’t able to see them before they died.”
“And to see Governor Cuomo on television just this last week talking about his love life and this disgusting poster that is basically a depiction of the 32,000 people who died,” a dismayed Dean continued.


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