From the Ring to the Octagon, UFC 4 Brings on Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua

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EA Sports UFC 4 on Xbox One is the latest edition of the world’s most popular mixed martial arts video game and with each new iteration, the game gets bigger, deeper, and more detailed. The latest pre-order announcement continues that tradition of delivering surprising modes, improvements and fighters to fans of the UFC.

Players familiar with the EA Sports UFC franchise have seen the fighter rosters grow significantly with each new title. The first UFC game offered up a total of 97 playable characters. Flash forward to UFC 4 and you can now choose from over 220 athletes (including some duplicates at different weight classes), ranging from active fighters to UFC legends. But even with the consistent expansion of the roster from game to game, the two newest playable fighters might surprise even the most dedicated fans. As a pre-order exclusive, players can now enter the octagon with two of boxing’s most punishing fighters: Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

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