Games Inbox: Microsoft buying Bungie and Destiny, Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox, and Project xCloud

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Destiny 2 screenshot
Destiny 2 – could it come under Microsoft’s care? (pic: Bungie)

The Tuesday Inbox starts to make predictions for the next PS5 showcase, as one reader wants Command & Conquer on consoles.

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Together again
Very interesting to know that Microsoft has tried to buy Bungie ‘multiple times’ in the last few years. I can only assume that they were one of the first developers they approached when they went on their buying spree, before they had to settle on *checks notes* Compulsion Games.

If the sticking point was purely money, which it’s implied to be, I’m surprised that’s where Microsoft decided to draw the line rather than the huge losses they’re taking (for an obviously good reason) on Game Pass and the new Xbox consoles. I’d rather have Bungie back then all their other purchases combined but for whatever reason that’s not happened.




I’m now hoping it’s just a matter of time, but it seems like the perfect solution to Microsoft’s current first party problem. Bungie can advise on Halo Infinite, they can continue work on Destiny (which, like Minecraft, I imagine Microsoft will keep multiformat), and they can start work on a new Xbox exclusive. They’ve already said they’re big enough for that – they’ve got another game in development right now – so they’re all set up for it.

It’s a shame Microsoft ever let Bungie go as they seemed to work well together, but I guess they got fed up of making only Halo. Hopefully if Microsoft does manage to get them back into the fold they’ll know not to do that again and can start to rebuild their first party reputation in earnest.

Equal formats
I haven’t seen anything mentioned before, but I wondered if games for Xbox Game Pass for PC will ever be available for Xbox Series X, and if not, then why not?

Surely, with all the talk about the power of the console this could be a real selling point if it was possible.

GC: You mean like Microsoft Flight Simulator and Age Of Empires? The former has been confirmed for Xbox already, although nothing’s been seen of it yet. But the problem with most PC exclusives is they rely heavily on a keyboard and mouse, not to mention high resolution monitors and mods.

Nintendo-shaped boat
I’m very interested to see how this upcoming generation turns out, the Xbox Series S is positioned nicely to be a potential secondary console for a solely PlayStation gamer, but then what happens when they take a dive into Game Pass?

The PlayStation 5 could end up being the console people buy for the strong first party support and then take advantage of Game Pass for their multi-platform fix with a great value proposition. Sony could find themselves in a very Nintendo-shaped boat, which is ironic as Nintendo have done well to encourage third party support on a system that has helped them leave behind that particular vessel.

As it stands, I think a lot can be said for brand loyalists that will simply stick to what they know, so a major marketing push from Microsoft is absolutely necessary to entice these folk. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more last minute changes to launch prices before the next gen hits the market, especially if Sony deliver a knockout blow by at least equalling Microsoft.



And just as the big 4K machines hit the ground running I’d love to see Nintendo throw a spanner in the works early next year with new hardware, just to keep things interesting.

This is almost as much fun as actually playing video games.
Bad Edit

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Paper cut
Just voicing my solidarity with John regarding Paper Mario: The Origami King. I hadn’t even realised I’d stopped playing it till I read his letter.

For me the battle system does take the edge off a good game, to the extent I was cutting short my game time until I just… stopped playing it.

Will go back and finish it but would be much happier to do this if the battle dynamic was different.

Excitement is good
Just to clarify, boys and girls, unless the Dragon Age 4 project was much further along than it evidently was, I wasn’t expecting very much at all. But, it was your good selves that stated that Dragon Age fans had something to ‘get excited about’.

But what was there to get excited about, exactly? The artwork? We’ve known who the ‘villain’ will be for quite some time (nice guy, shame he wants to annihilate all races besides the elves) but no new characters were announced. Doesn’t look like the Inquisitor will be coming back – death off-screen by glowy hand if I had to guess and we have no idea what gameplay features there will be. No mention of the war table for example.


Though, really, it was just an excuse to make fun of luvvie speak. Which I take at every opportunity.

GC: If you’re not getting excited about the first few shots of the game, and confirmation that work (and indeed BioWare themselves) is continuing, we’re not sure why you’d be interested in the first place.

New Command
EA have recently released an ultimate collection of Command & Conquer for the PC, however they haven’t done so for the PlayStation 4 Or Xbox One so I am wondering if Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will give EA a reason to port this to both systems.

Both have much better tech and EA haven’t given people a new Command & Conquer title for a long while, so this would be great to have. Also, Command & Conquer 4 is another title they could bring to these systems which would give fans of this series a reason to get a next gen console.

Yes, while the previous Xbox games are backwards compatible on Xbox One, I feel that EA should really be giving people 4K versions of the games to make up for the lack of new Command & Conquer games releases for consoles. You only have to take a look at gameplay of Red Alert 3 in 4K to see why we need an updated remaster collection.

Since a few remasters are returning EA should look into getting other C&C games from the Xbox 360 ported to the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 systems. Knowing EA it may never happen, however if they included Red Alert 3: Uprising Commander’s Challenge it would be worth anyone having.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)


GC: Command & Conquer needs a mouse, and people that care about Command & Conquer. Neither tend to be found on a console.

Important 10 seconds
Here’s my prediction for the Sony reveal on Wednesday…

39 minutes of waffle and regurgitated footage.
50 seconds of some executive telling us how world beating the PlayStation brand has been.
10 seconds of lights up on the stage, curtain pulled back and a price of £448.99.

Hey, it works for Apple’s presentations!

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Quick change
In response to TheTruthSoul’s e-mail in Monday’s inbox I now have hundreds of games, some on older Nintendo systems (which I rarely dust off nowadays) but a lot are on retro packages on Switch, along with the modern games I have. It is great and to be able to just dip into whatever is in my library but I do find that I tend to stop playing something now if it annoys me even briefly, because I can move onto something else which I haven’t played much.

I would persevere a lot more with a game that frustrated me when I was in my mid-teens because I knew I couldn’t just jump to the next game as I’d need to save up for it (and I had a lot more patience and better reactions 30 years ago).

I like having plenty of games to play but it does mean I’m a lot less focussed on actually completing games nowadays.

(I did cheat my way to the ‘end’ of Streets Of Rage 3 using the rewind feature a lot but I haven’t managed to do it before the bombs explode!)

Inbox also-rans
Death Rally Classic is free on Steam forever!
Andrew J.
PS: Looking forward to the PlayStation 5 event and Super Mario 3D All-Stars on Friday this week.

I… why would they not just call it ‘Xbox Cloud’? Or even leave it as xCloud, as you say?
FoximusPrime81 (gamertag/NN ID/Twitter)
PS: I have rebranded as FoximusPrime81Z if I e-mail on a day with an S and three vowels in the title. FoximusPrime81Q if I happen to be gaming for a prime number of minutes that day, although I won’t know that until I’ve done it, so I’ll need to go by FoximusPrime8IQ until that’s confirmed.

GC: That makes more sense than Microsoft’s naming conventions.

This week’s Hot Topic
The topic for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader JAH and others, and asks whether you are now considering buying an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S?

What were your opinions on the Xbox Series X prior to this month and how much has that changed with the announcement of the Xbox Series S and the price of both new consoles?

The PlayStation 5 price is likely to be announced on Wednesday, so it may be best to wait until after that to send in your letters. But if Sony does reveal its prices how does that affect your plans for getting a console this year and is this the final information you needed to make your decision?

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