Goya CEO Bob Unanue: Boycott Is Sign of ‘Division,’ Protesters ‘Killing our Nation’  

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Appearing Friday on Fox Business Network, Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue doubled down on his support for President Donald Trump and slammed protesters for “killing our nation.”

A partial transcript is as follows:

ROBERT UNANUE: This call for a boycott, there’s so many people against the boycott and for our company, so it’s just a reflection, I believe, of the division that exists today in our country. I don’t know who to attribute this quote to but we live by the philosophy that there are those who are born to love and to build and others to hate and destroy. And unfortunately, this great divide is killing our nation. We’re tearing down statues of Jesus Christ. We choose to love and to build. That’s what we’ve been doing, looking for prosperity, building, giving back. Abraham Lincoln had the great quote, “A house divided against itself cannot stand” – and this can be the destruction of our nation. We are at that point. We need to continue to love and to build to make a difference and to give back to our neighbors.
ASHLEY WEBSTER: Very well said, we’re all in this together… What’s President Trump doing to support the Hispanic community?
UNANUE: What the president is looking to do is to bring in Hispanic leaders and see at how we can continue to contribute to the prosperity of Hispanics. Hispanics open more businesses at three times the rate than others… so Hispanic prosperity means U.S. prosperity. We want to build a better nation, a better country.

This article appeared first on: Breitbart News

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