Historic Saturn V swapped for SLS rocket on new Alabama license plate!

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Space.com reports: “The redesigned “Alabama Space Tag” replaces the depiction of the historic Saturn V booster— which 50 years ago launched the first astronauts to the moon — with NASA’s new Space Launch System (SLS) heavy-lift rocket. The new plate marks the first time that the Saturn V has not appeared on an Alabama plate in 15 years”. The Alabama Department of Revenue began issuing the new Space Tag in May. Like the “Save the Saturn V” plate that it replaced, sales benefit the state’s home for one of the three remaining Apollo-era rockets”.

“The new Alabama Space Tag substitutes the Space Launch System for the Saturn V set against both the moon and Mars. A red ribbon extends between the two in a design similar to the logo of NASA’s Artemis program, under which the SLS will fly. The 2020 plate replaces “First to the Moon and Beyond” with “Dare to Explore.”
“The space tag is available to Alabama motorists for $ 15 to $ 890, depending on the type of vehicle being registered. The plate may be personalized”.

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