‘How could this happen?’ they ask themselves, without a hint of irony

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Out in the Serengeti: A pride of lions approaches. I “IDENTIFY” AS A HIPPO, SO CHECKMATE BITCHES!

Swimming in the ocean: A shark fast approaches. I “IDENTIFY” AS AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER, SO CHECKMATE BITCHES!

Jumping off a skyscraper, the ground screaming closer. I “IDENTIFY” AS A HAWK, SO CHECKMATE BITCHES!

What a weird way to confront a deadly danger. 


I doubt this guy had any trouble voting for Donald Trump despite a lengthy history of business failings, fraud, and deceit. 

I mean, the company behind hydroxychloroquine, Sanofi, was ordered to pay a $109 million settlement a decade ago, and Google tells me it’s not the only one (like this $180 million settlement two weeks ago). Are they suddenly casting a skeptical eye toward HQC? 


These people still haven’t explained why anyone would need to microchip them, when their phones work much better for tracking them. Indeed, phone location services have proven very helpful in prosecuting Jan. 6 insurrectionists. 


“How did we get here? How?” The question is unfathomable, unanswerable, as the universe truly works in mysterious ways. 

“Sure, we are in the middle of a deadly global pandemic and you did everything possible to increase your exposure and danger. And sure, you literally mocked the one thing that would’ve kept you out of a hospital bed. Can I play that game too? Let’s see, “I ‘identify’ as you being perfectly healthy and up and about!” No, I guess that doesn’t work either. 

“Still, I never thought the thing health experts warned would happen happened. Who could’ve predicted that, other than all the people who did?” 

“No one knows how we got here, that much is true. I’ll ponder the question to the end of my days, wondering why, why, oh lord why. I just wish someone had the answer!”

Me, raises hand: “I know.” 


Too bad he can’t “identify” as breathing. 

Do note, he wasn’t able to get a higher level of care because the hospital was already at max capacity. And there weren’t any beds available because other people thought it was funny that they “identified” as vaccinated. 

Imagine being a doctor, asked by an anti-vaxxer about a lung transplant. Just imagine. 


There would be more beds available if people let go of loved ones when doctors said there was nothing more they could do. 

I don’t say that lightly. I made the decision to pull life support from my father, who had a terminal glioblastoma brain tumor. I get how hard it is. It is wrenching. I still have nightmares about it.

But prolonging a loved one’s suffering because you can’t let go is cruel. And the fact that this guy is in this position in part because of the lack of available beds compounds that cruelty. 


It’s odd how we say that someone is “fighting,” as though we have agency in these matters. When it comes to COVID, it’s up to our bodies and modern medicine to try and survive the virus. The patient is just a vessel, lying helplessly as the battle rages within. No one is willing themselves to raise their blood oxygen levels. Winning or losing the battle has nothing to do with a person’s desire to conquer the disease. 

(Of course, some people live unhealthy lifestyles, increasing the chances they die or are severely incapacitated by COVID.)


Had he listened to health authorities, liberals, and even Donald Trump that one time he got booed for telling people to vaccinate, this guy could “identify” as alive. Instead, he leaves a bereaved family, a widow, and the gift of unpaid hospital bills. All because he believed bullshit about vaccines and microchips. 

Yet again, what a waste of a life. 


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