“I Like Him”: Trump Downplays Rift With Top Health Expert Anthony Fauci

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NDTV News: “Anthony Fauci is known for his data-driven approach to managing the coronavirus crisis. (File)

US President Donald Trump on Monday said he had a “good relationship” with Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert, despite evidence of a growing rift between the two men as coronavirus cases surge in several states.”
“I get along with him very well,” Trump told reporters during an event at the White House. “I like him, personally.”
“The conciliatory tone was a notable shift after White House officials over the weekend circulated to reporters a dossier of guidance Fauci had made early in the pandemic that was subsequently reversed.”
“That effort came after Trump publicly criticized Fauci in a pair of television interviews, and an interview published last weekend by the Financial Times in which Fauci said he had not briefed the president in more than two months, and hadn’t seen him in person at the White House since early June.”

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