Individual school boards don’t need discretion, flexibility, or guidance on COVID-19. They need laws

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Daily Kos– “The idea that children are ineffective vectors of COVID-19 is a theory, one that is untested by any kind of randomized data. Even nations like Japan, which has escaped the worst ravages of the pandemic despite what has been described as “doing everything wrong,” did one thing absolutely right—they closed the schools. Everything we have learned about the spread of COVID-19 since January shows that the disease is most easily transmitted though long exposure of groups in an indoor setting. Which is the unavoidable condition of schools. Texas alone has recorded hundreds of cases among children enrolled in daycare.”
“It’s entirely possible that children are less likely to acquire COVID-19. However, it’s also likely that children cannot be expected to maintain social distancing guidelines, negating this advantage. There have been hot spots around the world identified as being associated with child care facilities. Even if this kind of event turns out to be rare, and if children acquire the disease at a reduced rate, and their odds of a poor outcome are greatly reduced, how many dead children is an acceptable figure? Is it in the thousands, or merely the hundreds? While we’re calculating, how many kids disabled for life by lung damage or heart damage or brain damage is the right price? How many kids deprived of a parent or grandparents?”

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