International air travel to Canada continues to rise, despite coronavirus border restrictions

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“Despite growing concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus abroad, including record-breaking numbers in several U.S. states, the volume of international travelers arriving at Canadian airports each week continues to rise.” –Global news
“Between June 29 and July 12, roughly 91,300 travelers entered Canada by air, according to statistics released by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).”

“Of these, roughly 27,000 passengers arrived on flights from the U.S., while 64,000 came from other countries directly. About 40,000 of the 91,000 passengers were either non-Canadian citizens or non-permanent residents.”
“The CBSA does not provide a breakdown of which countries people arrive from specifically, other than the U.S., but has previously said any foreign national must meet exemption requirements outlined in the government’s orders banning non-essential travel before they are allowed to enter Canada.”

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