Juvenile Hack Cooper Snarks Over ‘Tan Man’ Trump, Claims He Doesn’t Care About Dead Americans

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Newsbusters – “Having long since lost any semblance of sanity as a real journalist, CNN’s AC360 host and pundit Anderson Cooper began Tuesday’s show with a predictably sophomoric commentary masquerading as journalism with the chyron labeling it a “Keeping Them Honest” segment. This time, Cooper employed his usual condescension, feigning of outrage, pauses, sighs, and slight tilts of the head to attack “artificially tan man” President Trump as someone who should be removed from his job. Worse yet, Cooper insisted Trump possessed no concern for the 136,000-plus dead Americans from the coronavirus.”
“That [speech near the Oval Office] too should not surprise us either. That’s how numb we are. We listened to this man muse and meander, rant and regurgitate the same tired tropes and untruthful claims. We watch him boast and brag and preen do that odd thing with his nose when he sucks in air very loudly and none of it surprises us. That’s how far we have fallen.”
“COOPER: Is there anyone around the President who, you know, shakes their head when they hear rambling in the Rose Garden like this?
ACOSTA: No, Anderson we are down to kool-aid drinkers and next of kin here at the Trump White House. There are no more adults that will level with the President and tell him he can’t deliver a rally-like rant in the Rose Garden as he did earlier this evening. The reason why that — that — that event took place in the Rose Garden was like a rally is because the way he just went into the lies, the myths and the truth-stretching that he does out on the campaign trail. You know, one of the reasons why the rallies aren’t covered as much more is because the President can’t be relied upon to tell the truth at those kinds of events and what he essentially did in the White House Rose Garden is transform one of the last places any presidential administration is supposed to be sort of removed from politics and plunged it head first into a cesspool of — of — of just campaign politicking….[T]here isn’t anyone to reign him in and make sure he doesn’t do that in the Rose Garden this evening, and what I think we’re left with for the rest of this campaign and the President using the Rose Garden like a rally space, what we saw tonight was a bait and switch. They told us it was going to be a press conference.”

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