Kylie Jenner Engraves Stormi’s Name On Her $320k Rolls Royce: See More Stars With Cars Worth Over $100k

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“Stormi Webster can’t drive, but her name is on a car that’s worth more than a house. Kylie Jenner combined her two loves, revealing she had her daughter’s name engraved on her beloved Rolls Royce.”

“Kylie Jenner didn’t caption the shot she uploaded to her Instagram on July 15, but she didn’t need to. In one of the biggest low-key flexes of the year (besides giving two-year-old Stormi Webster a $ 1,000 Louis Vuitton bag) Kylie, 22, revealed that she had her daughter’s name engraved on her custom Rolls Royce. “Stormi’s Mom” read the words underneath the luxury car brand’s logo, right above the line that said it was a “special build.” Considering all the cars Kylie has, this could likely be her custom Rolls Royce Wraith, with the base model valued at around $ 320,000.”
“Judging by the interior, this is Kylie’s black Rolls Royce Wraith. She owns a couple of those cars, most notably the ice-blue one she got in 2018. “You guys, my first custom car,” she said in an Instagram story, per W Magazine, adding that she “waited months for it. “I always wanted an ice baby blue Wraith. Wow, I’m obsessed. Thank you so much, Rolls-Royce.” Since then, Kylie has grown her collection of luxury cars. She’s filled her Instagram with pictures of her posing in front a many differently colored Wraiths (though, it’s unclear if these are separate cars or the same custom whip with a new coat of paint.)”

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