Let’s Talk Chores!

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My kids are 7 and 11 and right now I think they’re living the dream.

My 7yr old daughter is usually pretty helpful; she’ll do dishes, set the table, water plants, feed the cat… But these aren’t generally things she just goes and does (except the cat stuff but if she does that alone she’s usually being sneaky and dumping half the bag in the bowl); she needs to be asked or reminded and sometimes it can be a battle.

My son’s one, single responsibility is to keep the upstairs bathroom clean. Oh and on Sundays he sorts and folds the socks from the laundry. Tough life I know but this is a kid I still lay out clothes for!

We think it’s time for them to take on more.

We’ve thought about having them make their own lunches but I’m really not into that. I can see the mess now and the fighting as they try to negotiate what to take.

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What do your kids do?

Do they get an allowance for it?

We’re on the fence about that too.

No one paid me to vacuum or clear the table or dust the living room no one ever went in anyways… do we pay them to contribute to the upkeep of their home or should they just be contributing because they help make the mess just like the rest of us?

I know there’s no ‘right’ answer but it would be great to hear from other real people what’s worked in their families.”

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