LOCKDOWNS – When Will It End?

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Armstrong Economics– “This COVID-19 is a virus that will be with us into the next couple of years, yet it will mutate as all viruses do. We need a completely new crop of politicians because lockdowns are not the answer. Do these people really think they can keep locking people down for the rest of our lives every time there is a new virus? This is NOT a solution! We must live with viruses and we cannot hide in a corner for the rest of our lives.”
“These politicians with the media have terrorized the population and destroyed so many facets of the economy from all you can eat buffets to sports and conferences no less travel for vacations. The answer is not a lockdown every time there is another virus case that CNN, New York Times, and the Washington Post immediately proclaim you will die because politicians have reopened the economy. The media and politicians have no problem with people losing their jobs, their homes unable to earn income, the destruction of the food supply, and imprisoning the population as a whole when there is NO such historical precedent for such action in 6,000 years of recorded history. You quarantine the sick – not everyone. The Attorney General has ordered prosecutors to bring charges against governors and mayors who go too far in these lockdown orders. Even in Germany, the Government’s analyst that told Merkel the virus was being exaggerated has called for an investigation of Merkel and her actions with respect to COVID-19.”

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