Meghan Markle And Prince Harry ‘Overjoyed’ To Finally Be Financially Independent – No Longer Receiving Money From Prince Charles!

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Instead of worrying about their livelihood after leaving the royal family, as many had thought, it turns out that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are actually really happy to be financially independent of his family. Sure enough, their $ 100 million deal with Netflix proves that they are more than capable of making enough money for them and their son to live comfortably with no outside help.

At this point in time, Meghan and Harry are on their way to getting the life they’ve wanted for a while in America and their contract with the streaming service brings them a lot closer to that dream.

Basically, they have traded their royal titles for the label of ‘producers’ since they are currently working behind the scenes on several projects set to air on Netflix starting with next year, and they could not be any happier with their decision.

The deal also means that they will no longer need financial assistance from Harry’s father, Prince Charles,’

About this, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘They’re both overjoyed to have made this final step into their free and independent lives. This is a huge deal for them. They aren’t taking any money from Harry’s father anymore either, and they don’t need to. They will always be respectful of his family, but they are very glad to have been able to cut the financial chord.’

For now, they have made sure to pay back the taxpayer money, something that’s a massive relief for the parents of one.


‘Paying everything back [that was spent on Frogmore Cottage renovations] was always part of the plan, but it’s of course a big relief to have it handled. It was important to them to do it, because they want everything that they do to be above reproach,’ the insider explained via the same news outlet.

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, Celebrity Insider reports

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