Mormon church leaders did remind members they are ‘not immune’ to Covid-19..

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Some religious leaders have actually argued close to the opposite message when speaking to constituents. For example, one Florida megachurch leader famously said, “if we die, we die for Christ,” when he encouraged people to continue coming to services even as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended groups smaller than 50 people. A few weeks later in March, the same church leader was actually arrested after he continued holding packed services in spite of the county’s “safer-at-home” order,” Daily Kos reports.
“People have all sorts of reasons for who they’re listening to when it comes to the pandemic response, and when a pandemic affects everyone, we have to remember that some people will be swayed by religious or faith leaders. Leaders in the Mormon church will hopefully push others to follow suit and spread the same health-minded advice to others. Especially because Utah is in the thick of an outbreak right now.”

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