MSNBC’s Biden Hacks: ‘Bizarre’ for Trump to Focus on Anything Besides COVID

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Anybody that has been in politics long enough knows you have to walk and chew gum at the same time. There are numerous policy decisions that have to be navigated on a daily basis, so you have to learn to deal with one crisis while handling another one simultaneously. But apparently the Democratic operatives at MSNBC have not learned that lesson yet, or at least not when it comes to Republicans.

Newsbusters reports that During a Friday afternoon segment, anchors Katy Tur and Chuck Todd questioned why President Trump would be doing other things besides handling the coronavirus crisis. Todd started the segment off with an odd analogy:

Katy, I head scratch about Florida. Not that he’s there at this point, he travels. But that it’s like, you’re showing up at somebody — at a wedding and you decide you only want to talk about some sort of job event. It’s just sort of weird, the county is in a crisis right now with this virus. But let’s talk about Venezuelan politics.


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