New Apple Watch app lets companies reward healthy employees

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Stay fit and keep your job. Well, not really.
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Apple has teamed up with Globant, a consultancy that helps businesses prepare for a digital and cognitive future, to launch a new Earn Your Apple Watch program. Aimed at companies and their employees, the configurable white label app and reward program uses Apple Watchs various activity tracking tech to boost employee wellness.

The app allows Apple Watch-wearing employees to earn rewards by completing monthly activity goals. Those rewards could be goods or services vouchers, larger vendor-specific purchases, or even discounts on a new Apple Watch. Its a smart way of trying integrate Apple Watch into businesses that want to get their employees moving.

The Earn Your Apple Watch program is a powerful tool for personal insights in one of the most important areas of our lives health and wellness, said Fernando Matzkin, Chief Business Officer of Globant North America, in a statement. With this platform, our clients can go further in supporting their employees and customers wellness by offering a personalized, engaging tool. Employees and consumers receive added motivation and incentive to improve their wellbeing. While [also] driving down healthcare costs and increasing positive engagement.

A win-win-win proposition

According to Globant, the Earn Your Apple Watch program is available for any company that wants it. Its press release notes that:

The app can help users make better choices, adopt healthy habits, and achieve exercise goals. New features are already planned to support preventative care and health management for conditions such as pre-diabetes and hypertension.

This isnt the first time Apple Watchs fitness-tracking has been harnessed as a way to promote wellness. Insurance companies, for example, have offered Apple Watches to help customers lower their premiums. But this is one more example of how the idea is going mainstream. Given the health benefits for users, the benefits of having healthy employees for companies, and the sales benefits of selling more Apple Watches for Apple, this sounds very much a win-win-win.

Does your workplace offer anything similar? What do you think of this as a business proposition? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Globant


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