Nunes bails from Congress; pandemic deaths mount in Republican counties

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Devin made his name polishing Trump’s boots during impeachment hearings. Now he’s decided to make that boot-polishing his full time job.

In the news today: House Republican Devin Nunes has apparently decided he can do more to undermine the country as private citizen than he can in the House: Today he announced he’ll be retiring from his House seat to (cough) allegedly run a new startup pro-Trump media company. Allegedly.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has been a Republican target for allegedly not doing enough to assist the party in nullifying both Trump’s loss and the loss of two Republican senate seats, and now one of the senators tossed by voters, David Perdue, has announced he’ll be mounting a primary challenge to the “failed” Kemp.

Back on planet Earth, the consequences of Republican anti-mask, anti-vaccine rhetoric are now hitting the Republican base in their homes: Americans living in heavily Republican counties are now several times more likely not just to catch COVID-19, but to die from it. So far there’s no sign that any Republican, much less the Fox News boardroom, cares.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:


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