NYC Nanny Caught On Camera Abusing & Punching Baby w/ Fist!! (Video)

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A New York City nanny is being accused of beating a 9 month old baby, and the incident was captured on video. MTO News has obtained the graphic footage of the assault.

We warn you, it is extremely disturbing

Abena Yeboah, 71, a Bronx woman has been charged with child abuse of an infant that was in her care. Abena worked as a nanny for a well-to-do Black couple who lived in New Jersey.

New Jersey police claim that it was Abena on the video and are accusing her of physically abusing the child she had been hired to care for. The footage, which was captured by the family’s nanny cam, appear to show the nanny hitting, kicking and yanking the child by the arm.

The baby’s parents immediately took the video to police, and Abena was quickly charged, MTO News has been told.

The NYPD took Yeboah into custody on a warrant from the Hackensack Police Department as she awaits an extradition hearing. So far she’s charged with only one count of Title IX child abuse.

MTO News reports

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